13 Jan 18 Asshole of the Day: ThyStatPadder

Had an interesting run in with fellow tanker “ThyStatPadder” on the NA Central server this morning. (Account created: Last battle: 

This gentleman has 4 tanks in his garage, O-I Experimental, T-29, O-I, and the AMX Chasseur de char (AMX CDC) – a tier 8 premium tank.

Apparently, that’s all he plays and he’s got only about 400 battles to his name.  He actually seems to know how to play. He’s got an Ace Tanker and 1 Mark of Excellence on his CDC.

But today he wasn’t interested in playing the game.  He had entirely something else in mind.

We started the game off on a sour note with our friend in the CDC taunting the team:

“Wanna fuck with me… u fucking shit listen to me… nigga… bitch”

he shoots our Lorr. 40 t who says “ty asshat for shooting me”

ThyStatPadder “shoot me… nigger… do it” followed by “white power… nigger… whoop woo… niggers… niggers… eat my white cum”

Meanwhile, he is driving around ramming tanks.  Trying to get people to shoot at him.  He moves from tank to tank, obstructing movement. Getting people to damage him when he stops short in front of them.

ThyStatPadder “haha nigga… bam bam… ding ding… bullies and inngers mixed faggot mexicans… and all u faggots fuck… niggers”

At some point, to try to prevent him from causing any more harm, he is team killed intentionally.

That did not stop him from spewing his hateful language at the rest of the team.

It was a horrible loss but he was gleeful at causing this or at least contributing to it.

these photos are not in time order.

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