30 Sep 2018 – Asshole of the Day: Double Feature

My first run in with excellence occurred tonight when player Prizzum driving a T92 HMC decided to take exception to a comment.

This salty guy was upset that I told him to be quiet after he started griping about the speed of our deployment along the tracks.  As soon as i got into a good firing position he hits me with a direct penetrating shot.  He repeatedly shot at me doing over 1300 damage.  I ended up going back and TK’ing him to stop him since, apparently, arty has free reign to do whatever they like.  He bragged about the whole thing and will likely do it again.


The 2nd Asshole of the Day was player NoAnimeGalInMySERIOUSWoT from the ADOBE clan driving an M41 90 GF.  For reasons unknown he decided to shoot me several seconds after i had already killed the only enemy anywhere near me.  I was resting to wait for my health kit to come back so i could heal my dead driver. He took my gun out of the game just the same.

An apology would have been nice but he wasn’t having any of that and he was running a re-roll account on top of it all.

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