9/9/18 — Today’s Asshole of the day: IceCream

Today’s asshole of the day brought to you by some sour IceCream

Playing on Himmelsdorf.  Within the first few seconds, he’s already threatening to TK a friendly tank who wanted to camp where/near he was camping.

He spent the next 7 minutes farting around, being disruptive, and preventing the other TD from contributing anything.

The game wasn’t looking too good and it seemed like we were going to have trouble, with two tanks pre-occupied with a parking lot disupte.

When he got called out for his childish behavior he had to start dogging the other team members for their poor stats.

This IceCream fellow is clearly playing a re-roll account. 6608 battles on his record in over 2 years, sporting a PR of 8003 and XVM has him nice and purple.  But no only is this guy a re-roll, he’s had a name change and you can’t even find him on any of the stats pages including the offical WoT player page.

The Asshole: IceCream

One comment to 9/9/18 — Today’s Asshole of the day: IceCream

  • Skag  says:

    IceCream spotted again in the wild, on the enemy team.
    T49 on Mines.

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