Asshole of the day: 21 Nov 2018 — Lapse [SIMP]

it’s been a while, I haven’t run into any full blown assholes recently but tonight was a fun exception.  I was driving in a straight line up to the hill on Himmelsdorf when this jackoff cut me off and got himself spun around.  I wasn’t physically controlling the tank – it was on auto pilot.  It all happened quickly and I didn’t have a chance to react.

My Lapse[SIMP] decided it was intentional and shot me, tracked me, and caused me to stop the tanks behind me.  Stupidly, I fired back but hit a different tank altogether.  I immediately apologized and tried to continue up the hill but Mr. Lapse decided to shoot me a second time.

I pushed on and didn’t retaliate just tried to play but he and his platoon buddy both verbally harassed me for the rest of the battle instead of letting it go.  It was all harmless and innocent until the jackoff decided to shoot me.

Seems like he’s a reasonably good player (Stats: Lapse[SIMP]) but he just has a solid shit attitude.

I’ve had a similar run in previously from someone in this clan. My gut feeling tells me they recruit shitheads.

Thanks, Lapse, you made my night more interesting.

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