Assholes of the day: 28 Dec 2017 (double entry)

Two assholes. One day. Same match.

The first guy named NOLA_Taints, driving an M12, was easy to spot as a prospective asshole of the day candidate.  He started the match off complaining about how people are stupid and bad players.  Just a toxic player right from the start.

A second fellow named Frostfly, in a KV-122, chipped in to echo the comments made by the M12.

The match did not go well and our team was quickly eliminated leaving me in the STRV S1 and two artillery to fight off a number of enemy tanks.

We held off as best we could but the S1 is not a mobile front line skirmishing vehicle and I had trouble deciding how to take on a full health t30 and unspotted light tank and the two SPGs that were firing on me every time i got spotted.

At any rate, I didn’t make it.  I did almost 3k damage and killed 3 tanks but the M12 and the KV-122 decided it was important to tell me how badly I sucked.

The end game score card is provided here.

Please note: the KV-122 did ZERO damage.

I try not to spout off too much when i’m the worst player on the team. but that doesn’t seem to affect my new friend in the KV-122.

Match from around 9:30PM Central on NA Central on map: North America aka Highway.

Score card will be included shortly.

Congrats to NOLA_Taints and Frostfly.  You are both winners in the Asshole of the Day competition.


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