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The return of the Asshole of the Day: AncientWarHead22

AncientWarHead22 is today’s nominee for the World of Tanks Asshole of the day.

This fine gentleman was playing arty in the M44.  I was playing my 2nd battle in one of the new Polish tanks the 25TP (which stinks, seriously, it’s horrible).

This guy starts the battle off with words of inspiration like “don’t suck”, etc, etc.  I can’t even remember what I said in reply (but I’m watching the replay right now) but when the countdown finished and we started rolling our tanks touched.  Not an intentional ram or anything, just a beginning of the battle bump.  It happens.

So this asshole decides to shoot me.

Then he proceeds to push me around (because apparently a tier 5 medium Polish tank can be pushed around by arty) and he shoots me again.

It goes without saying that the battle was a defeat...

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13 Jan 18 Asshole of the Day: ThyStatPadder

Had an interesting run in with fellow tanker “ThyStatPadder” on the NA Central server this morning. (Account created: Last battle: 

This gentleman has 4 tanks in his garage, O-I Experimental, T-29, O-I, and the AMX Chasseur de char (AMX CDC) – a tier 8 premium tank.

Apparently, that’s all he plays and he’s got only about 400 battles to his name.  He actually seems to know how to play. He’s got an Ace Tanker and 1 Mark of Excellence on his CDC.

But today he wasn’t interested in playing the game.  He had entirely something else in mind.

We started the game off on a sour note with our friend in the CDC taunting the team:

“Wanna fuck with me… u fucking shit listen to me… nigga… bitch”

he shoots our Lorr. 40 t who says “ty asshat for shooting me”

ThyStatPadder “...

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Asshole of the day: 24 Dec 2017

Today’s assholes of World of Tanks nomination goes to TheAprilFool[BAKED]

This asshole likes to bitch at people who don’t follow his instructions and then uses homophobic slurs to insult players even when they’re winning for the team.

I’m working on making a little clip or screen grab to demonstrate his behavior.

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