KV-1 and T67 back to back Ace Tanker awards + Top Gun, High Caliber (KV-1) and High Caliber (T67)

I was having a tough night on tier 8-10 matches… lots of steamrolling with a lot of consecutive losses.  it wasn’t pretty.  So I decided to pop down to tier 5 for a minute.

I love my old KV-1. It’s one of my most played tanks from back in the day… when i was too scared to play above tier 7.  I have more games in the KV-1 than any other tank, I believe.  I jumped in, put the 122 derp on and went to town.  I got a good match up on Himmelsdorf and derp’d my way down the 8 line.  What a fun battle!!!

Then I hopped in the overpowered T67 and proceeded to open a can of whoop-ass on Murovanka.



T67 Murovanka – Standard – high caliber (2293 damage)

KV-1 – Himmelsdorf – several one shot kills, high caliber (2155 damage)

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