The return of the Asshole of the Day: AncientWarHead22

AncientWarHead22 is today’s nominee for the World of Tanks Asshole of the day.

This fine gentleman was playing arty in the M44.  I was playing my 2nd battle in one of the new Polish tanks the 25TP (which stinks, seriously, it’s horrible).

This guy starts the battle off with words of inspiration like “don’t suck”, etc, etc.  I can’t even remember what I said in reply (but I’m watching the replay right now) but when the countdown finished and we started rolling our tanks touched.  Not an intentional ram or anything, just a beginning of the battle bump.  It happens.

So this asshole decides to shoot me.

Then he proceeds to push me around (because apparently a tier 5 medium Polish tank can be pushed around by arty) and he shoots me again.

It goes without saying that the battle was a defeat.  Not sure if it would have been better had I not been distracted by this asshole but I know for sure I wouldn’t have had a zero-sum game.

Thanks, AncientWarHead22 and welcome to my blacklist.


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