Submission Rules

Since my favorite World of Tanks related website prohibits the posting of end of game score cards and replays I wanted to carve out a small corner of the internet where players can show off their best games.

Your submission should include:

  • Screen shots (at least one required, up to 3 additional optional)
  • replay link (optional)
  • Link to YouTube video of highlight/game replay (optional)
  • your game name (required)
  • server name matches was played on (required)
  • date / time of game (required)
  • Tank name (required)
  • match tier (optional)
  • A synopsis of your game (optional)

Your submission *should* be an Ace Tanker Master award submission.

Will accept Marks of Excellence submissions and┬áKolobanov’s awards.

Other submissions may be deleted.

Repeatedly submitting non-qualifying posts will result in termination of access to the site.

No clan recruiting, no abusive remarks/comments towards other posters.

English only please.