Asshole of the day: 21 Nov 2018 — Lapse [SIMP]

it’s been a while, I haven’t run into any full blown assholes recently but tonight was a fun exception.  I was driving in a straight line up to the hill on Himmelsdorf when this jackoff cut me off and got himself spun around.  I wasn’t physically controlling the tank – it was on auto pilot.  It all happened quickly and I didn’t have a chance to react.

My Lapse[SIMP] decided it was intentional and shot me, tracked me, and caused me to stop the tanks behind me.  Stupidly, I fired back but hit a different tank altogether.  I immediately apologized and tried to continue up the hill but Mr. Lapse decided to shoot me a second time.

I pushed on and didn’t retaliate just tried to play but he and his platoon buddy both verbally harassed me for the rest of the battle instead of letting it go...

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World of Tanks Match Maker is garbage

I spend a lot of time on the WoT Reddit sub and frequently tell people that 3-5-7 isn’t a big deal.  I kind of like it… most of the time.

The one thing I do not like is being bottom tier (in the 7 group) in 75-80%  of the games.  This gets old, fast and I can get in a rut where I’m bottom tier over and over again.  Some nights, I feel like I’me getting ‘great’ MM with mid-tier battles and top-tier battles sprinkled in at reasonable intervals (Plus I play tier 9 and 10 liberally) and the grind isn’t that bad. But when you are working on a particular tier 8 medium tank that isn’t fully researched and as a barely trained (100% but without 6th sense or extra perks) and you get 5 bottom tier games in a row, it does feel a little disheartening.

Recently, a ‘new’ player lamented that he was o...

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World of Tanks Player: UngerechtfertiVergeltung is a BOT account and Asshole of the Day

Wargaming doesn’t care about bots… especially when they spend real money buying premium tanks.  Or perhaps the jokes on me.  Maybe it’s actually a wargaming bot account?

I don’t know which one it is but it’s clearly a bot account that someone may periodically play.  But what kind of player can afford to spend real money buying expensive premium tanks just to run a bot account?  At the end of the day, what is the pay-off?

Today I witnessed North American player UngerechtfertiVergeltung dive into the water and die within seconds of the start of the match.  When I checked his XVM in game he had a 2 digit WN8.  This is usually a good indicator of a bot account.  Then I looked at his account stats online  

Imagine my surprise when I spotted that long list of premium tanks, especially t...

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Skorpion G – Ace Tanker – High Caliber – 3/5/7 w/tier 10


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T29 Ace Tanker – Steel Wall, Spartan — Bottom tier, top damage.

Had an unfortunate health issue pop up last week – suffered a mild stroke that has my right side of my body all sluggish and numb.  Been struggling with WoT as a consequence.

Tonight, I took a break from ‘easy’ tanks (arty / sniper TDs) and decided to take out the trust T29 American tier 7 Heavy Tank.

Lakeville, Standard battle with 1 art.

took my bottom tier tank down the valley and ended up kicking some tier 9 ass.

Warning: Gold ammo was fired.

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30 Sep 2018 – Asshole of the Day: Double Feature

My first run in with excellence occurred tonight when player Prizzum driving a T92 HMC decided to take exception to a comment.

This salty guy was upset that I told him to be quiet after he started griping about the speed of our deployment along the tracks.  As soon as i got into a good firing position he hits me with a direct penetrating shot.  He repeatedly shot at me doing over 1300 damage.  I ended up going back and TK’ing him to stop him since, apparently, arty has free reign to do whatever they like.  He bragged about the whole thing and will likely do it again.

The 2nd Asshole of the Day was player NoAnimeGalInMySERIOUSWoT from the ADOBE clan driving an M41 90 GF...

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KV-1 and T67 back to back Ace Tanker awards + Top Gun, High Caliber (KV-1) and High Caliber (T67)

I was having a tough night on tier 8-10 matches… lots of steamrolling with a lot of consecutive losses.  it wasn’t pretty.  So I decided to pop down to tier 5 for a minute.

I love my old KV-1. It’s one of my most played tanks from back in the day… when i was too scared to play above tier 7.  I have more games in the KV-1 than any other tank, I believe.  I jumped in, put the 122 derp on and went to town.  I got a good match up on Himmelsdorf and derp’d my way down the 8 line.  What a fun battle!!!

Then I hopped in the overpowered T67 and proceeded to open a can of whoop-ass on Murovanka.



T67 Murovanka – Standard – high caliber (2293 damage)

KV-1 – Himmelsdorf – several one shot kills, high caliber (2155 damage)

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M3 Lee – Ace tanker – top Gun, high caliber without 6th sense.

Recently bought the M3 Lee after watching Quckybaby’s recent showcase.  Played it like twice, remembered why I hated it and didn’t look at it again… then today i decided to give it a go, just playing some casual low tier tanks.  Got on Fisherman’s bay with some tier 5 tanks.  Had some fun with the tank despite not having sixth sense and/or a decent crew.  Good teamwork with the T67 on the team as well.  Was kind of a nail bitter right down to the end.  We capped out rather than hunt down the arty as we were both very low on health.

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T28 Prototype – Top tier just can’t be stopped.

In today’s 3-5-7 MM environment it’s always nice to get a top tier match in a tier 8 tank.  I just drove (slowly) into battle and kept pushing.

Replay link: (replay site won’t let me log in to upload at the moment)

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STRV S1 – Camping my way to an Ace Tanker, High Caliber

Second Ace Tanker award tonight.  This one in the STRV S1.  Camped most of the battle like a noob but was able to keep the enemy from doing much in the middle of the map.

WoT Replay file: WoT Replay Link STRV S1


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