11 Years of World of Tanks: Well Deserved Rewards

This year’s well-deserved reward ‘free’ tank has left the community feeling let down. I don’t know why; these tanks are usually not that great, in my opinion.

I haven’t yet played the new tank, a tier 5 Russian heavy tank based on the KV series: The KV-1A.

It’s got a KV-220-2 turret on tier 6 KV-1S hull but with a 76mm auto-reloader (76 mm ZiS-5A). The gun can fire APCR (120 pen, 110 damage), APCR (premium) (150 pen, 110 damage), and HE (38 pen, 164 damage).

The gun carries 5 rounds with a intra-clip reload of 2.3 seconds.

The tank is slow AF and has poor ground resistances making it feel even slower than the rated top speed of 43 forward/13 reverse.

The tank comes with five 100% crew members. The layout includes a commander, a gunner, a driver, a radio operator, and a loader. It matches the layout of the KV-1, KV-220, Churchill 3, T-150, KV-1S, and partially matches some of the 6-person crews for higher-tier tanks (they often have two loaders).

I took it out for one battle tonight to see how it plays. Fortunately, top tier against tier 4 and 5 tanks. Unfortunately, dead pretty quickly with two Lehf blowers on the enemy team. A slow heavy tank doesn’t last long against those scum-sucking assholes.

I put my KV-1 crew in the tank, a seal clubbers delight with 5 and 1/2 skills/perks. It certainly helps even a shitty tank play a little better.

Since I died too quickly, I couldn’t get a feel for the tank. But, hey, it’s free. Even if you only play it a couple of times, just for fun, it doesn’t cost anything.

I qued up for a second battle and, again, met only tier 4 and 5 tanks on the Studanski map with one enemy asshole playing arty.

I have to be honest, tier 5 is toxic AF right now with 4-10 KV-1A in each match and one teams steamrolling the other. Not much fun.

I’ll hold off a bit and try again after a week or two.

Additional rewards included: 11 tokens (one for each year of gameplay on your account), 3,000 bonds, 1.5 million credits, some training guides, 3 days of premium, 30 x5 missions, 20 credit boosters, 20 xp boosters, and some other garbage not worth mentioning.

The tokens can be used to buy stuff like experimental optics and other improved hardware, tank styles, and some other misc garbage.

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