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Ace Tanker: the new, goofy BT-42 Jatk. (5/18/2024)

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Ace Tanker: British TD GSOR 1008 (5/23/2024)

This was a great game in the GSOR 1008 on Live Oaks – Standard battle

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Ace Tanker: K-91-PT

Fun battle last night on Murovanka – Standard battle. (6/16/2024)

When the K-91-PT performs, it performs well. Very well.

Got into a decent flanking position and began to feast on heavy tanks.

Big props to AlegB7[R3ADY] in the Type 63.

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Ace Tanker: M4A1 FL 10 – Outpost, Standard battle. High Caliber, Pascucci’s

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Ace Tanker: KV-1-Radley Walters, Top gun, high caliber 8 kills nearly 4k damage.

Playing the KV-1 with the 85mm gun, Standard Battle on Pilsen.

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Two Ace Tankers: T26E4 SuperPershing and Pz. KW I

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Two Ace Tankers: STRV-S1 and KanJPz 105

Didn’t feel like either of these games were remarkable; however, I was happy to get the Ace Tanker awards.

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Asshole of the day for Christmas Even 2023: DIZZYMASHERX3000

I’m going to have to watch the replay of the game to capture some of the toxicity that guy brings to the game.

He spent the whole battle bitching about everything everyone else did (or didn’t do). Calling people retarded and berating people left and right.

It got down to the end where it was just he and I alive and he pestered me endlessly. Telling me how to play and where to go.

Fuck this guy right up the ass, honestly.

We did end up winning but his performance was not what I would call exceptional by any means.

In fact, he did about 80 more HP of damage than I and earned 23 more XP at the end.


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Asshole of the day: Eternity1

Arty can’t float.

Guy claims he “fell” into the water.

Right at the end of the round with multiple tanks trying to kill him – he ‘fell’ in a straight line and kept driving deeper, preventing the enemy team from destroying his tank.

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Weirdest player interaction in recent history and possible November 2023 Asshole of the Month nominee: Camp_N_Die from [CBA] clan.

I posted this one on Reddit, for fun, but it may or may not go over well.

An arty in a recent game got all bent out of shape when a light tank made it through and killed him.

We were on Outpost, and I was well up in the middle of the map having a 1v2 with a couple of mediums trying to take the mid-location.

Once I saw the light get lit by our friendly arty, I disengaged to rush back to our spawn to kill the light.

I did help kill the light before he could do any more significant damage. We went on to win the match.

Apparently, despite my efforts, arty chose me to yell at and blamed me for his demise.

I laughed and asked what I’d done wrong. The light didn’t come through the middle where I was.

After the battle, the guy says, “Enjoy your profile onĀ [redacted]”


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