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Skorpion G – Ace Tanker – High Caliber – 3/5/7 w/tier 10


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T29 Ace Tanker – Steel Wall, Spartan — Bottom tier, top damage.

Had an unfortunate health issue pop up last week – suffered a mild stroke that has my right side of my body all sluggish and numb.  Been struggling with WoT as a consequence.

Tonight, I took a break from ‘easy’ tanks (arty / sniper TDs) and decided to take out the trust T29 American tier 7 Heavy Tank.

Lakeville, Standard battle with 1 art.

took my bottom tier tank down the valley and ended up kicking some tier 9 ass.

Warning: Gold ammo was fired.

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30 Sep 2018 – Asshole of the Day: Double Feature

My first run in with excellence occurred tonight when player Prizzum driving a T92 HMC decided to take exception to a comment.

This salty guy was upset that I told him to be quiet after he started griping about the speed of our deployment along the tracks.  As soon as i got into a good firing position he hits me with a direct penetrating shot.  He repeatedly shot at me doing over 1300 damage.  I ended up going back and TK’ing him to stop him since, apparently, arty has free reign to do whatever they like.  He bragged about the whole thing and will likely do it again.

The 2nd Asshole of the Day was player NoAnimeGalInMySERIOUSWoT from the ADOBE clan driving an M41 90 GF...

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KV-1 and T67 back to back Ace Tanker awards + Top Gun, High Caliber (KV-1) and High Caliber (T67)

I was having a tough night on tier 8-10 matches… lots of steamrolling with a lot of consecutive losses.  it wasn’t pretty.  So I decided to pop down to tier 5 for a minute.

I love my old KV-1. It’s one of my most played tanks from back in the day… when i was too scared to play above tier 7.  I have more games in the KV-1 than any other tank, I believe.  I jumped in, put the 122 derp on and went to town.  I got a good match up on Himmelsdorf and derp’d my way down the 8 line.  What a fun battle!!!

Then I hopped in the overpowered T67 and proceeded to open a can of whoop-ass on Murovanka.



T67 Murovanka – Standard – high caliber (2293 damage)

KV-1 – Himmelsdorf – several one shot kills, high caliber (2155 damage)

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M3 Lee – Ace tanker – top Gun, high caliber without 6th sense.

Recently bought the M3 Lee after watching Quckybaby’s recent showcase.  Played it like twice, remembered why I hated it and didn’t look at it again… then today i decided to give it a go, just playing some casual low tier tanks.  Got on Fisherman’s bay with some tier 5 tanks.  Had some fun with the tank despite not having sixth sense and/or a decent crew.  Good teamwork with the T67 on the team as well.  Was kind of a nail bitter right down to the end.  We capped out rather than hunt down the arty as we were both very low on health.

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T28 Prototype – Top tier just can’t be stopped.

In today’s 3-5-7 MM environment it’s always nice to get a top tier match in a tier 8 tank.  I just drove (slowly) into battle and kept pushing.

Replay link: (replay site won’t let me log in to upload at the moment)

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STRV S1 – Camping my way to an Ace Tanker, High Caliber

Second Ace Tanker award tonight.  This one in the STRV S1.  Camped most of the battle like a noob but was able to keep the enemy from doing much in the middle of the map.

WoT Replay file: WoT Replay Link STRV S1


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T26E4 – Ace Tanker, High Caliber – 4k damage, 4k blocked (lots of gold spam)

Not proud of the gold spam but was excited about the 4k blocked.  Best round ever in the T26E4 SuperPershing.  Top tier match made this an exciting game.

Replay link: WoT Replay Link

Ace Tanker, High Caliber

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Sad WoT news.

MarkGFL aka AgingJedi calling it quits with respect to World of Tanks content.

This is a sad development as Mark has been a great replay commentator and generally well informed and informative Content Creator for World of Tanks.

I really enjoy his work and his positive attitude.

Peace out, Mark.

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Asshole of the day — Saturday 9/15/18: largeelvis

On today’s episode of Asshole of the day I bring you NA’s finest largeelvis playing the M44 tier 6 American self-propelled gun.

I was playing bottom tier heavy Russian KV-1 on Serene Coast.  I decided to lumber along and go East as most heavy tanks go.  Turns out I was basically alone though as the other heavy tanks decided to lemming train along the west flank.

Meanwhile, we had a trust KV-13 in the center area of the map.

As I moved east and north and spotted a few enemy heavy tanks coming my way: KV-85, KV-1S, and VK 45.03 with a T-43 medium trying to flank me as well.

I did the best I could against these guys while being targeted by enemy arty (the asshole in the LeFH had me in his sights).

As I am working to fight off these tanks our “friendly” arty player (largeelvis) decides to ...

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