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Speaking of loot boxes…

I did buy some loot boxes this year though I hope to confine this spending to what I’ve already dumped into the game. Fortunately, I had some unexpected money in my paypal account to cover most of these purchases.

I bought 11 of each of the 4 types of boxes and without too much fanfare, here are my results.

New Year Boxes: 11

11 tier 5 decorations, 3250 gold, 6 days of premium time, 1 special commander, 200,000 credits, a T2 award tank, and a garage slot.

Christmas boxes: 11

11 tier 5 decorations, 3250 gold, 8 days of premium time, T6 Sherman VC Firefly with a garage slot, and tier 8 Obj 730 version II with garage slot. Only 100,000 credits.

Lunar boxes: 11

11 tier 5 decorations, 4500 gold, 13 days of premium, tier 6 French medium Bretagne Panther (with a garage slo...

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Advent calendar day 14: Czech medium Skoda T 27

I have this one, too, and I feel like it’s pretty decent but slightly underwhelming. A three-shot clip with low alpha, I don’t think anyone fears this tank the way they fear the Italian Progetto.

It can be yours for 9700 gold for from $44 to $130 USD.

Unless you really, really love the Czech line, I would probably save your money on this one.

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Advent calendar day 13: Polish heavy 50TP Prototyp

I got so excited opening loot boxes, I forgot to make a post yesterday.

I got this one at some point last year and, honestly, I don’t think it’s that great. The tech tree tier 8, the 53TP, is significantly better in every way. Except this one is good for crew training and credit grinding.

Gold cost: I don’t know!

The four bundles ranged from $48 US to $130 US.

I hope you saved your money and waited for something more better!

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Advent calendar day 12: US light tank M 41 90 mm

I’m not sure I would spend the dough on this one, maybe hold back some money for the loot boxes coming out tomorrow!

For the low, low price of 6,500 gold, you can own this previously OP light tank. Cash price: $32 USD – $117 USD.

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Advent Calendar day 11: US Heavy tank Chrysler K

Few tanks in WoT are as notorious as the US tier 8 heavy tank the Chrysler K. It was introduced to the game in 2017. It was sold for $80 US and immediately drew the ire of many prominent WoT YouTubers and community contributors.

Sir Foch, arguably one of the most popular tankers at the time, created a scathing youtube video attacking Wargaming for selling what he considered an overpowered tank that had no front weaknesses.

Wargaming fired back and threated to copy strike him.

Meanwhile, the rest of the WoT community either rushed out to buy one or condemned wargaming for their truly draconian behavior (not to mention their money-grubbing cash grab).

A recent rental from a mission or event

Other YouTubers and community contributors like the Might Jingles also came out ...

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Loza’s M4-A2 Sherman – Another ‘special tank’ available for the next 12 days

I don’t have this one and probably wouldn’t but it myself. I don’t enjoy low tier gameplay and this is another tier 6 M4 tank, I think I have several of these already.

Wargaming calls this the “Soviet Fury!”. It comes with a Soviet Hero commander, Dmitry Fedorovich Loza. He’s a ‘zero-skill’ commander with 6th sense.

Wargaming has kindly offered this is several packages from $20 to $70 USD.

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Advent Calendar day 10: The Bulldozer tank: M48 Rpz

This is definitely an interesting tank but, I have to tell you, I haven’t seen one in the game since they first came out. I don’t think anyone plays it.

Would I pay 7500 gold? Maybe. But I don’t have that.

or you can drop $40 to $118 USD and buy it with cash. Not feeling that.

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Advent Calendar day 9: Italian Heavy tank Somua SM

Here’s a tank I kind of want to have in my garage but I’m not sure I’m willing to spend the gold or money.

You can get the Somua for 11,000 gold (kinda pricey!) or from 1 of 4 packages starting at $49 and going up to $130 USD.

I’m just not sure I *need* this tank!

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Advent Calendar day 8: British medium Centurion 5/1

I don’t have a lot to say about this tank, I have it, it’s not my favorite. I felt like it was somewhat worse than the Centurion I, it’s tech tree counterpart, and it just isn’t that much fun to play.

It’s *only* 7300 gold or you can choose the cash option from one of five packages starting at $34 USD up to $119 USD.

WG is bundling a lot of unnecessary crap in these ‘festive’ bundles including gold and credits but some folks may want that?

For me, this one is a pass.

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Advent Calendar day 7: German TD Skorpion G

Quickybaby calls this the 50million dollar tank but it’s probably made Wargaming significantly more money than that!

Right now, today only, you can get the tank for 10,900 Gold OR choose 1 of the 7 cash options that include both the Skorpion G and the plain-jane version, the Rheinmetall Skorpion, in packages starting at $49 for the tank + 3 items or $127 for the Skorpion Holiday package. That seems like a lot of money to spend on a tank.

Either way, it is definitely a good option for people who like to hide and dole out 500 HP of damage to most any tank they spot. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been having a GREAT game, dealing tons of damage, wracking up some good spotting, and then, out of nowhere, some asshole in a Skorpion wrecks my game...

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