2021 Advent Calendar

Last year I made daily posts about the offerings in the Advent Calendar.

this year, not so much.

Firstly, no one reads this drek and, secondly, it’s too time consuming.

So, I’ll sticky this post and add each day’s offering to the list with my useless comments attached.

Dec 02: The American premium tier 8 TD the TS-5

I have the TS-5 and it’s a lovely TD to play. A good reload, great armor and a complete bull in the battle. I don’t like to play back map, redline sniper. Instead, I like to push right up with an in-your-face style.

This doesn’t help my winrate but I sure do enjoy it.

Dec 03: German Medium M48 RPz

This dozer is a snoozer (doesn’t rhyme but good enough). Don’t waste 7000 gold or $32 US (also avail for $99 in a bundle). while this tank looks cool, it’s hot garbage.

Dec 4: The ‘never to be sold again’ Mutant is on sale today.

A Tier 8 heavy can be yours for $32 US or for 7,000 gold.

Ever see one of these alive at the end of a round? Me neither.

Dec 5: Chinese tank destroyer WZ-120-1 FT

Now here is a premium tank I can get behind. I have this one (I have most of them) and it’s about as good as it gets when it comes to tier 8 TDs.

Still, are you ready to drop $42 US or 9400 gold?

Dec 6: The ugly mutant tank destroyer T-103

Don’t know much about this one. I don’t see it in game very often.

WG only wants $31 US for it or about 6,700 gold. So, apparently, they don’t think much of it either.

Dec 7: STRV 81 a Swedish tier 8 medium

Played it once or twice as a rental. Seems like a Cent 5/1. WG wants $40 or 9,000g for this tank. Hard pass.

Dec 8: M41D Chinese light tank

Real money: $28 USD and 6,100g

I have this tank. I never play it. It’s expensive to run (fire a lot of gold) and it’s not great as a scout. It plays more like a medium. Probably not a good buy.

Dec 9: STG Guard

$34 USD or $7,650g (normally 9k)

Dec 10: German tier 8 heavy Lowe

This tank doesn’t look like much but it has enough armor to be a tough bastard even against tier 9 tanks.

WG thinks it’s worth $43 (usually $49) or 9,775 (normally 11,500) gold.

Dec 11: The Alpine Tiger

Can’t really say I know anything about this one. I see it rarely and it seems pretty generic. Still, wargaming wants $49 US for this one. Or only 11,300g.

Jesus, I duno. I have 114k gold from loot crates but do I want the Alpine Tiger?

Dec 12: the best light tank ever: LT-432

This is one of the most fun tanks I have ever played. It’s a definite buy in my book.

$28 US cash and 6,100 gold.

It’s a fun tank to play

Dec 13: Tier 8 German heavy VK 75.01 K

I believe this is the tank that was the final offering last year but was only available for cash at that time.

Today only, it can be yours for just over $33 USD or for 7,500 gold.

That seems a bit low compared to last year when they wanted $65 USD.

Dec 14: Tier 8 awesomeness in the form of the TD STRV S1

This is really one of the better ‘deals’ although it’s not really special in that you can buy it regularly, I believe.

WG wants $38 USD or 8,585 gold. The page shows the regular price of 10,100 g… maybe it is a steal then? I don’t know.

It’s a great crew trainer for the UDES, STRV 103-0 and the STRV-103B.

Dec 15: Polish T8 heavy 50TP pr.

Can’t really say this is a good buy. I got it and prefer the tech tree version.

I don’t think this tank brings anything to the table, so to speak.

What is the cost today? Looks like $44 cash or 9,900g.


Dec 16: French tier 7 light tank: AMX 13 57

Okay, so Quickybaby pointed something out. If you already have one of these tanks in the garage, you can ‘buy’ it with gold and get the 5 5x multipliers, which might well be worth 300 gold (the difference between the price of the tank in the game and the ‘discount’ you get for already having it).

Cost for this tank is $22.71 USD (last year it was: $25 and 5000g) and 4,800g.

You will never earn credits with this tank. It’s a gold spammers dream though.

Dec 17: German tier 8 heavy the E 75 TS

For all of $43 or 9,700 gold you can have one of the better tier 8 premium heavy tanks in the game.

It’s a fun tank to drive and I would recommend it if you have the spare gold.

Dec 18: French tier 8 med Lorraine 40t

$44 USD or 9,900g

This is a reasonably good tier 8 medium.

Dec 19: the infamous American Tier 8 heavy tank Chrysler K

For a tank that is fairly “meh” to play, it sure did stir up a lot of angst back in 2017. Community contributors for wargaming went on the offensive on youtube. SirFoch famously attacked wargaming and lost his CC status. He continued to play tanks until 2 weeks ago (he made a big announcement about quitting).

At any rate, Wargaming wants you to fork over $38 or 8,500g.

Dec 20: 360 Days of vampires… I mean premium

First, why isn’t this 365 days of premium?

2nd, it seems untimely since a lot of folks bought loot boxes and got 150 days of premium left. Not a big fan of buying such a large chunk of premium time – who knows if I’ll be playing this game a year from now.

Cost: $81.94 or 20,400 gold.

Dec 21: Brit tier 8 medium, the Centurion 5/1

$31 USD or 6,500g.

Can’t really say a lot about this one, one way or the other.

Dec 22: tier 8 heavy: Somua SM autoloader

LoL – wargaming has been offering 15% off a lot of these tanks but not the Somua. If you want this one you’ll need to crack open the wallet and pony up $56 USD or drop 10,200 gold.

They value their Somua.


$45 USD or 10,100g.

Well, this is a troll TD – it’s quick and it packs a punch but the damn gun will troll the ever-living F@#$ out of you.

Dec 24: French light tank ELC EVEN 90

Interesting fact: this is already available in game for gold.

WG wants to get $24 USD or 5,185g

Dec 25: tier 8 double barrel premium heavy Object 703 II

Only available for cash: $46.29 USD. A loaded package is available that includes equipment.

Why people are surprised that there is no gold option surprises me as this is the modus operandi of wargaming on the final day for the previous 2 years.

I can’t make this tank work, but other folks seem to love it.

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