Ace Tanker: King Tiger

Last battle of the night, decided to pull the King Tiger (tier 7 American heavy rental tank from Twitch Prime) and give it a go.

The battle took place on Cliff as a bottom tier heavy in a two-tier (7/8) match against a Lowe and a Tiger II.

I really enjoyed the game although I thought my initial deployment wasn’t great and I gave my side to that damned medium tank, losing my engine in the process. I was able to SLOWLY redeploy to the east flank (without my engine) to confront the enemy Lowe and the Tiger II.

The Lowe made a poor play and got stuck in the rocks trying to outmaneuver me. It didn’t work out too well for him.

In the end, I had to go head-to-head against a UDES 03 but I got the drop on him instead.

Man, I made a lot of mistakes and did just about everything wrong but the King Tiger saved my bacon. I also burned through a lot of premium ammo necessarily. And I realized that at one point but in the heat of the game I didn’t switch to AP.

Replay file:

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