Advent Calendar 2021-2022

Day 1 – Starting on December 1st with the ‘wonderful’ tier 8 HWK 30

Presented to me at 5,185 gold or $23.92 USD

I’ve got the HWK but I can’t say I’ve played it more than a handful of times. Not a light tank player and it doesn’t fit my normal ‘scouting’ style. I would pass on this one.

Day 2 – German tier 8 heavy – Lowe

Cash: $42.29 (15% off), Gold 9,775

You know this one is kind of a sleeper. I used to hate it but the thing is steady. You know? Reliable? I like it but rarely play it. Might recommend.

Day 3 – German tier 8 light leKpz M 41 90 mm

Cash: $28.17. gold 6,100 gold

Its day has come and gone. I would pass on this. It was fun a few years ago but there are so many better options now.

Day 4 – American tier 8 TD TS-5

9100 gold or $40.36 USD

this is one of my favorite TDs. I recommend this one, it’s fun and almost idiot-proof.

Day 5 – French tier 8 light: ELC EVEN 90

Gold: 5,185 (says it should be 6,100) or $23.92 USD. (15% discount?)

This tank doesn’t work for me. I got it last year and have played it a bit but it’s not something I’d recommend. Kind of a gimmick tank if you ask me.

The ELC EVEN 90 has no soul and has no place in this game” Quickbaby, 2021

Day 6: The infamous “never to be sold again” Mutant. A tier 8 American heavy tank

the M6A2E1 is selling for 7,000 gold and $31.88 USD.

Day 7: tier 8 medium Skoda T 27

Cash price today only!! $39.96 USD or, just for you!! 9,000 Gold!!

Some folks say this tank sucks but I kinda like it. It’s just an average tier 8 medium with a 3 shot autoloader.
Not great, not bad, just average. Just what a premium tank should be.
It fits the crew for the tier 9 and 10 Czech mediums, so it’s reasonably good for crew training.

Day 8: the WZ-120-1G FT, the Chinese tier 8 premium tank destroyer

Gold: 7,990!! and CASH MONEY: $35.28 USD

This is a pretty decent TD and some say the best Chinese TD. I have it and would probably buy it again but I almost never play it. So… maybe that’s a pass?

Day 9: Polish tier 8 heavy 50TP Pr.

9,900 gold or $43.53 USD

I found the tech tree Polish tier 8 heavy (53Tp) to play better for me. Skip this one.

Day 10: German tier 8 heavy E 75 TS

Gold cost: 9,700 and $42.74 USD

This is a definite buy recommendation. One of the better options and right on time: use some lootbox gold!!

Day 11: Swedish tier 8 medium STRV 81


9k gold and or $39.96

Save your money

Day 12: another Swedish tier 8 the Lansen C

$31.88 USD or 7,000 gold

Day 12: Russian tier 8 TD Su-130PM

A fine TD, the best Russian TD in my opinion

but it’s costly: 10,100 g or $44,32 USD

Day 13: Russian TD Su-130 PM

Lovely would buy again!

$x USD or 10,100 gold. At least it’s ‘cheap’.

Day 14: Brit tier 8 med Centurian Mk 5/1 RAAC

Day 15: Polish tier 8 medium CS-52 LIS

7,000 gold or 31.88 USD

Day 16: American tier 8 heavy M54 Renegade

Sure, this is a great tank but you’re going to pay for it.

app $41 USD and 9300 g

Day 17: Somua SSM, tier 8 autoloading heavy

Gold: 10,200 (pricey!!) and cash: $44.72

Day 18: Skorpion tier 8 German TD

Expensive but worth it? Maybe.

used to strike fear in my heart when it was new. every game with a skorpion on the enemy team was tense for me.

and out of nowhere, the 550 alpha damage shell would crush my soul. Invisible skorpions would take me out all the time.

Interesting note, WG fucked this up again, they put the description in the calendar as the tier 7 Scorpion.

Gold: 10,100 Cash: $44.32 USD

Day 19: 360 days of premium. Meh. useless. $81.94 or 20,400 g

Day 20: Obj 703 Ver II – 46.29 USD or 10,600g

Day 21: Lorraine 40t – French autoloading med – 9,900g or $43.53 USD

Day 22: Russian tier 8 heavy – Obj 252 (Defender)

Gold: 10,100 and Cash: $44.32 USD

I already had the Defender, a tank I rarely play. but sitting on 95k gold, I decided to pick this one up for the “collection”. Stupid is as stupid does.

Day 23: German VK 75 01k

$33.92 USD (the cheapest tier 8 heavy so far) or 7,200g.

Day 24: Russian LT-432

6,100 g and 28.17 USD – buy this tank

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