Advent Calendar day 11: US Heavy tank Chrysler K

Few tanks in WoT are as notorious as the US tier 8 heavy tank the Chrysler K. It was introduced to the game in 2017. It was sold for $80 US and immediately drew the ire of many prominent WoT YouTubers and community contributors.

Sir Foch, arguably one of the most popular tankers at the time, created a scathing youtube video attacking Wargaming for selling what he considered an overpowered tank that had no front weaknesses.

Wargaming fired back and threated to copy strike him.

Meanwhile, the rest of the WoT community either rushed out to buy one or condemned wargaming for their truly draconian behavior (not to mention their money-grubbing cash grab).

A recent rental from a mission or event

Other YouTubers and community contributors like the Might Jingles also came out with position videos calling out wargaming. Quickybaby, who initially did appear reluctant to take a stance, produced a video that, at best, was a mild rebuke of wargaming’s behavior.

At the end of the day, the tank really didn’t live up to the hype and is rarely seen in battle these days.

And so, my friends is the tank worth 9,200 Gold or pony up some real American cash and shell out $42 for the base package or up to $127 for the top end holiday deal.

The original Grand Finals edition from 2017

The tank can definitely be a dominating factor in a game, especially when facing tier 6 and tier 7 tanks; however, it is very vulnerable to fast medium and light tanks that can easily flank and perma-track the big, slow-moving heavy tank. (I was once killed by a Cromwell B that sat there tracking and side-penning until he killed me.)

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