Advent Calendar day 7: German TD Skorpion G

Quickybaby calls this the 50million dollar tank but it’s probably made Wargaming significantly more money than that!

Right now, today only, you can get the tank for 10,900 Gold OR choose 1 of the 7 cash options that include both the Skorpion G and the plain-jane version, the Rheinmetall Skorpion, in packages starting at $49 for the tank + 3 items or $127 for the Skorpion Holiday package. That seems like a lot of money to spend on a tank.

Either way, it is definitely a good option for people who like to hide and dole out 500 HP of damage to most any tank they spot. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been having a GREAT game, dealing tons of damage, wracking up some good spotting, and then, out of nowhere, some asshole in a Skorpion wrecks my game. I often feel the same way about Skorpion drivers as I feel about SPG drivers!!!

I’ve had one for a long time now and although I played the hell out of it initially, I almost never bring it out now. I can’t explain why. I just don’t enjoy it that much, I guess.

Whenever they sell soft-shelled tanks, it’s a good time to pull out an SPG and beat them up.

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