Asshole of the day 15 Dec 2019: GEMANICUS

This fellow, GEMANICUS, from clan Baked starts the battle off giving us all some great advice and tells us why we should listen to him: 3 marked 60 tanks!

He didn’t end up doing very well in the battle but he kept on trolling through the match.

At the end of the round, I received the following message from him:

I do not understand the point of this type of after battle message. What is he trying to convey to me? That he’s a superior player? Hardly, he has insignificantly better stats in the game.

He has 54,684 battles in the game since 2013 with a 51.35% win rate. Compared to my 56,116 battles with a 50.69% win rate.

I don’t play for stats, just for fun.

But when I looked a little closer, he noticed that he has 25% of his games in one, overpowered, premium tank (the same one he brought to the battle): The German tank destroyer E25.

He does have the E25 three marked, but that was the only tank I saw in his garage with more than 1 mark. Of course, I didn’t look at all of them.

Congrats, asshole, you’re insignificantly better than me at World of Tanks.

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