Asshole of the day for 3 Mar 2020: spanky99

I made it all the way through February without feeling like I needed to name and shame another asshole player. But tonight, I got a two-fer. As in a “two for one” deal.

Yes, tonight, just trying to enjoy a few rounds, when I ran across a couple of darling little racist twats.

Racist # 1 was spanky99 from the RENB2 clan.

Racist # 2 was HuntiinU from PHASE clan. This guy ran his mouth in the game and was acting like a typical racist asshole.

Both of them decided to shit all over a guy speaking Spanish.

I called them out in-game and spanky99 decided to give me a Trump-Esque explanation for why he feels like he can shit on people from other cultures who, like me, are just trying to find a little joy in an otherwise shit-filled world.

Here’s what spanky99 needed to tell me:

spanky99 (3/3/2020 7:32:31 PM) i did like people coming over here and speaking another languge and think they should get away with it and then exp us to learn thier languge when we go over to thier server or country so no im not going to be nice about it
skagalak (3/3/2020 7:35:46 PM) I don’t care what you like. You’re a racist asshole and I’ve reported you to wargaming.
skagalak (3/3/2020 7:36:06 PM) and I’m putting you on my name and shame blog. So good luck with that.
spanky99 (3/3/2020 7:40:58 PM) lmao sure i am i have a lot of friend from all racist and care about every one of them
spanky99 (3/3/2020 7:42:18 PM) what you dont get is its disrespectful to me and every one else
spanky99 (3/3/2020 7:43:04 PM) cause we can not understand them and they come over here knowing how to speak english and dont piss me off
spanky99 (3/3/2020 7:43:41 PM) so do what you want my friends will look at that and say your a dumb ass
skagalak (3/3/2020 7:46:11 PM) I’m the dumbass? you can’t use “you’re” correctly.
spanky99 (3/3/2020 7:50:44 PM) you’er right im sorry not and yes you are a dumbass and a jerk to boot so have fun being part on my blacklist

As you might expect from a typical ignorant racist, spanky99 cannot use the words “their” or “you’re” properly. He also probably meant to say that he did NOT like “people coming over here…” but in his race to send me a message after the battle ended, he seems to have mistyped his rant.

I know I make spelling mistakes all the time, especially when arguing online. But he uses “thier” twice in this brief chat. I’m not going to hammer him on poor use of punctuation in an online argument but still, he could try a little harder.

I like how he assumes “they” come over here (I presume he means from Mexico to the USA) but when you play online you simply join a server that doesn’t care where you came from.

Would it be nice if everyone could speak the same language? Sure.

Is it distracting in-game when someone is spamming something in a foreign language that perhaps no one else understands? Yes, it can be.

Does that make it right to shit on someone and tell them things like “go back to your own country?” I don’t think so.

spanky99 should learn how to use the ignore button provided by wargaming to mute players that annoy him.

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