Asshole of the day for 6 May 2022: purplethumb

I made a new friend today, an obvious account reset/reroll player from a clan called PRPLE (Purple Team).

The guy’s name is PurpleThumb. Account created on Monday, October 4, 2021 with 3043 battles to date.

He was running a 70% win rate but it’s already dropped to 69% since I saw him earlier today.

Tonight, the battle starts and the absolute first thing I read in the chat is this Purple guy stat shaming the player driving a Maus. The guy is running about a 46% win rate so Purple feels the need to call him outright at the start and say something like “nice 46% wr Maus” (I’m going to watch the reply to get the quote for a screenshot.

Who actually does this shit?

I mean, who ‘re-rolls’ a new account to show everyone how great a player he is? Just a piece of shit with an OP tier 8 premium heavy (Skoda T 56). He actually did virtually nothing in the battle. He sat hiding behind a building as the team crumbled.

Interestingly enough, despite his impressive win rate after only 3k battles, most of his gameplay is at tier 2. He’s only got about 24 battles at tier 8. He appears to favor the BT-2 with 515 games in the tier 2 tank.

I do not understand people who enjoy stats shaming. What’s the actual point? Why start off a match trying to shit on your teammates?

Purple Clan must be an awesome clan to allow this human trash to join.

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