Asshole of the day: M1G_T4CO_K1N9 from the M60 Jesus clan

Holy shit, I haven’t been so triggered in months (as you can see, I haven’t posted anything here in forever). But this fucking guy, a true C$@T, M1G_T4CO_K1N9 from the M60 Jesus clan was running his mouth the entire game, shitting on me for getting killed by an FV215B 183 (one-shot) and being the first one to die in the game. I was running the STRV 103 B on Abbey and tried to go down the eastern flank (along the river to provide some sniper support to the other tanks. Everyone was wiped out within the first minute as the enemy pushed down with 5 tanks. Meanwhile, motormouth had to let me know that he checked out my stats and verified that I suck.

What a giant bag of shit.

This epic hardcore gamer barely broke 1500 damage in a tier 10 battle and has a 51% WR. Not exactly the “unicorn” pro tank play he made himself out to be while hiding under the cover of anonymizer.

I swear to RNGJESUS, that some players only play this game to troll other people and I have no idea why I let it get to me other than already being pissed that the enemy steamrolled down the flank and took me out so quickly.

Tier 10 is a tough nut some nights.

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