Asshole of the day: May 16, 2020: KaPowneD369

I know arty is in the game to stay but it’s arguably the most toxic game mechanics in World of Tanks (followed closely by the wheeled vehicles).

It’s especially shitty when you’re playing an awkwardly slow heavy tank or a TD. Some of these heavy tanks don’t have the speed to outmaneuver dedicated arty players, particularly when you are the focus of 2 or 3 arty. Wargaming, in their infinite wisdom, seems to feel that 3 arty in a match is a perfect balance. In my mind, this is lunacy.

Any battle in a slow heavy or a TD is absolutely ruined by three artillery pieces. The endless stunning and crew killing completely saps the fun out of the game.

My last game of the night, I got into a tough position and was being arty focused. The match was already a loss and there were two of us left alive against the majority of their team. I got tracked and an arty made the kill shot. (I was only on like 7 hp at that point).

I quite the game and went to watch TV.

This morning I log in and this is the message I’m greeted with:

From: KaPowneD369: hey, gg man, sorry for the booty spank and the fire. I’m just so hot your bum went on fire XD I was t he m53 55

Thanks for being a dick, dude. I appreciate it.

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