Asshole of the day: PeterAn

Playing today as “Darkauron_WinnerRvge” (using anonymizer), PeterAn started off tonight’s battle by announcing that he was going to sit on the redline because the last match he played had shitters in it.

At first, I thought maybe he was joking. But no, our top tier heavy, a 55% winrate player, drove to the darkest corner of Mines and sat for most of the battle until he got spotted and then he moved to another hiding spot.

Driving to the corner.

I got killed early on by playing dumb. He got killed last by being an asshole.

I’ll convert the replay and upload it to youtube. This kind of bullshit is what makes this game shitty.

Must have been spotted.
Last asshole standing.

thanks, PeterAn, you are a pathetic shitter.

Die like a coward

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