Asshole of the day (revived): GreatWarriorPoet

How some players view the game can be interesting. Take GreatWarrorPoet on the NA server. He’s got over 31k battles in the game since 2014. Here’s a guy who has invested a significant amount of time in the game and he decides to drown himself intentionally after 4 players are killed in the game.

Of course, he doesn’t just leave the game, he has to hang around to bitch about how the game is fixed and everyone else is a shitter.

Yeah, that’s it. Everyone else is a shitter. Coming from the guy with a 45% win rate. I wouldn’t be surprised if most of his losses were the result of drowning.

GreatWarriorPoet, you are a petulant, selfish child.

I thought this was kind of ironic.

Even the “WorstGamer_warrior” did better than you, GreatWarriorPoet.

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