Asshole of the day: u/Timhornton

I don’t really know this guy. I may or may not be on his blacklist in World of Tanks. But there was a thread on the Wot Subreddit earlier today talking about blacklists.

I have a blacklist in the game. It has 113 people on it. I’ve had more in the past but about once a year I go in and delete everyone on the list.

I can’t remember why someone got added but sometimes it’s just because they click the map a lot or maybe they were a dick in battle.

Mostly, I add people who use racist language or who browbeat me after a game telling me how horrible a player I am… how I should go back to tier 3… etc, etc, etc.

I figure that everyone deserves a second chance, right? So I clear my list.

So this random guy on Reddit was trying to impress everyone with the number of people he had on his blacklist. Daring people to show that they had more (people blacklisted). This fellow, Timhornton, decided to share that he had over 10,000 people on his blacklist.

He explained his methodology for finding people to blacklist as follows: ” My pre-game ritual is to blacklist all arty, so thats the bulk of it. Depending on the situation, like frontline for example, gold spammers are added. Rerolls have a place on it. Don’t forget about those amazing players that are great about telling our team that we are all shit. They belong on it too.

I replied with one of my typically snarky comments… I actually made two.
One comment I made wasn’t directly pointed to Mr. Hornton but it did address one of his criteria (all arty players). I wrote: “I’m a pretty negative person with a salty outlook on life but at least I can manage to accept that not everyone plays this game the same way I do and I don’t expect them to.

Blacklisting all arty players is about the most retarded thing I’ve ever read on this sub reddit.”

and the second one was directly at Mr. TimHornton ” If you have a problem will 10,591 people then I’m going to suggest maybe you are the problem.”

I had other stuff to do, so I went outside to cut the grass and promptly forgot about this conversation.

I returned to my computer at about 9:30 pm to find this ‘private message” from TimHornton. “Congrats you’re the first person I blocked on reddit!”

I can’t imagine how sensitive this guy is that he goes through life blacklisting everyone that disagrees with his point of view.

Poor little Mr TimHornton.

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