Asshole of the month: Sept 2023 – goldman69

My new favorite North American World of Tanks player is goldman69.

I’ve run into this asshole twice in the last few days. Both times, in pre-battle chat, he exclaims (in all caps) that he’s running full HE in his Scharzpanzer 58.

And, in both battles, he seems to be firing ineffectively at large targets. Shooting 6 times. Hitting 3, and accomplishing 60 damage.

His win rate isn’t spectacular. It shows 38% win rate on WOTLABS with a WN8 of 34.

He appears to have played over 62k battles of WoT, 55 in the last 24 hours.

He plays 2 tanks: Schwarzpz. 58 and Skota T 40… but almost exclusively the German tank.

This person intentionally tries to lose every battle he can and appears to have been doing this for years.

Today’s battle results:

Goldman69 will tell you that he’s blacklisting you for calling him out but he doesn’t follow through.

He’s a juvenile little troll who appears to play the game regularly but never with the goal of winning.

Nice post on someone’s blog from 2019

I found a couple more posts online about goldman69 – apparently, when he’s not interested in shooting HE he just drives right into the drink to drown himself.

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