First Asshole of the Month nominee for October 2023: __Ratchet2__

This guy uses anonymizer to hide his real in-game name. It’s probably so he can hide his less-than-stellar stats from XVM users.

__Ratchet2__ is one of those guys who gets his childish feelings hurt when the team doesn’t play how he thinks they should.

This poor chap decided to commit suicide immediately at the start of the round and exclaimed: “I don’t waste time on lemming teams”

He remained in chat throughout the battle, hoping and praying that we would lose, and yet, we pulled off a victory despite his belief that we were playing poorly.

The guy has 112,699 battles, which is pretty impressive (first battle August 4, 2011). However, in all that time, he hasn’t managed to crack a 50% winrate. I hate to stats shame but it’s obvious this guy cares very little for winning. Only a petulant 12-year-old suicides in World of Tanks at the START of a battle and hopes for a loss for the team.

Poor guy must have been sad when we won the match.

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