Speaking of loot boxes…

I did buy some loot boxes this year though I hope to confine this spending to what I’ve already dumped into the game. Fortunately, I had some unexpected money in my paypal account to cover most of these purchases.

I bought 11 of each of the 4 types of boxes and without too much fanfare, here are my results.

New Year Boxes: 11

11 tier 5 decorations, 3250 gold, 6 days of premium time, 1 special commander, 200,000 credits, a T2 award tank, and a garage slot.

Christmas boxes: 11

11 tier 5 decorations, 3250 gold, 8 days of premium time, T6 Sherman VC Firefly with a garage slot, and tier 8 Obj 730 version II with garage slot. Only 100,000 credits.

Lunar boxes: 11

11 tier 5 decorations, 4500 gold, 13 days of premium, tier 6 French medium Bretagne Panther (with a garage slot). I forgot about the 600,000 credits.

Magic boxes: 11

5 tier 5 decorations, 2750 gold, 400,000 credits, 6 days of premium, the Jagdpanzer E100 skin, the E100 skin, the obj 140 skin, the T8 E75 TS tank with a garage slot.

Overall totals, 44 tier 5 decorations, 44 misc decorations, 13750 gold, 1.3mil credits, 33 days of premium, and 5 premium tanks.

If you tried to buy the gold by itself, right now, it would be $58.49 USD. 30 days of premium is 2,500 gold or $12.63 USD. So far, just the premium and gold total $71.12

I spent $19.99 x 4 for a total of $79.76 USD.

For the remaining $8.84 I got 5 premium tanks, garage slots, 3 premium skins, and 1.3 mil credits.

How people consider this gambling is beyond my comprehension. I didn’t go in expecting a tier 8 tank, I wanted to get my garage to level 10 so I can reap the highest rewards for the duration of the event.

I am satisfied that I received the return value I expected.

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