Summer Sales – 2021

Wargaming created an unnecessary ‘advent’-calendar in the middle of July. I guess they are keen on recouping the gold they ‘gave away’ during the loot box event last December.

I’ll probably just keep this in one long post instead of daily posts. Whatever. No one reads this shit but I feel like it might be useful next year.

The event is listed to run 13 – 30 July on the NA server.

Tanks appear, at least initially, to be available for both gold and cash.

Here are the offerings:

Day 1

Tier 8 French autoloading Medium: Lorraine 40 t + 100% crew + garage slot + x5 multiplier mission dohickies.
– Gold Cost – 9,900
– Cash price: $43.53 and $64.13 (15 items – also includes some camo, 5,000 gold, 500,000 credits, improved vents 2, coated optics 1, vert stab 1, 3 demounting kits, and 20 personal reserves.)

Thoughts: This tank was recently for sale for $37 – however, I don’t know if it came with a 100% crew and I doubt it came with the 5x multipliers. It’s a great credit-earning premium tank so long as you aren’t spamming solid gold. I feel like it was once near the top of tier 8 mediums but the Progetto and Bourassque have certainly outclassed this tank. Still, it can be fun to clip someone out with this tank.

Day 2

Polish tier 8 heavy – 50TP pr.
Gold price: 9,900
Cash: 43.53 or 104.72 tricked out with shit you don’t need.

thoughts: Look, I bought or ‘earned’ part of it through one of those marathons and even though I got a 60% discount, I believe, I don’t really like this tank. I feel like the tier 8 tech tree tank is significantly better. It could be just me, I’m not a great player, but I just can’t make this tank work as well. Maybe I just haven’t given the tank a fair shake. If it were me, I would pass on this one.

Update: I was reading a thread on reddit and people were saying to 50TP was great. I could be wrong but I still say: pass.

Day 3

Swedish tier 8 Medium – Strv 81 +++

Gold: 9,000g
Cash: $39.96 or $59.92 with extra crap included.
Thoughts: Super hard pass. Unless you’re a major collector OR a big-time Swedish tank fan, this tank is hot garbage.

I had this tank as a rental at least once, maybe twice. I hated it.

It is nearly a clone of the British Centurion 5/1 except that it’s worse in every possible way. Okay, not really, but it’s just so average I absolutely hated it. Next.

Day 4

180 days of premium for 11,475g or $48.86

Day 5

French tier 8 autoloading heavy tank Somua SM

Gold: 10,200g
Cash: $44.72 for the basic package or $67.43 for a bigger bundle.

I suck with the Somua but it is a fun tank to play and if you know how to play it, I think it can be a good tank.

Day 6

the LT-432, a Russian light tank at tier 8. Look, if you’re holding out for a good tank, this is it. One of my favorites.

Gold: 6,100 – a bargain for the F2P player with some gold from xmas.
Cash: $28.17/$51.44 loaded.

Day 7 WZ-111 Alpine Tiger
gold: 11,300
cash: 49.03/70.21

Day 8

G: 5,800
Cash: $28.17/$51.44

Day 9

American tier 8 heavy, M54 Renegade
G: 9,300
$: 41.16 or 65.15

This is a pretty awesome and fun heavy tank, I do recommend this one.

Day 10 and final

The British GSOR 1008 Tier 8 tank destroyer

G: not an option
$: 41.16 or 85.17 or 99.99

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