Today’s Asshole: Patator_972

This guy, Patator_972 of the CLAIM clan, is not your typical asshole.
Maybe he’s banned from chat or maybe he just likes to annoy people who have chat turned off? I don’t know, I didn’t ask him. However, in today’s game, he started off almost immediately with ‘drawing’ on the mini-map repeatedly to form words to insult people.

I’m using OBS to capture his graffiti-spam. Unfortunately, I added him to my blacklist almost right away due to the distraction he was causing.

After calling us a shit team, we went on to bring home a victory despite some really bad deployment by my ‘teammates’.

I tried to take a screenshot while watching the replay and this is what it grabbed – which is kind of funny because this essentially illustrates just how annoying this kind of thing can be.

I created a short video from the time he started his spam until I blacklisted him. My assumption is that he kept going because he only seemed to land a single shot the whole game.

Link to the youtube video:

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