Weirdest player interaction in recent history and possible November 2023 Asshole of the Month nominee: Camp_N_Die from [CBA] clan.

I posted this one on Reddit, for fun, but it may or may not go over well.

An arty in a recent game got all bent out of shape when a light tank made it through and killed him.

We were on Outpost, and I was well up in the middle of the map having a 1v2 with a couple of mediums trying to take the mid-location.

Once I saw the light get lit by our friendly arty, I disengaged to rush back to our spawn to kill the light.

I did help kill the light before he could do any more significant damage. We went on to win the match.

Apparently, despite my efforts, arty chose me to yell at and blamed me for his demise.

I laughed and asked what I’d done wrong. The light didn’t come through the middle where I was.

After the battle, the guy says, “Enjoy your profile on¬†[redacted]”

Sure enough, I checked out the website (I had the URL scanned first to check for malware), and he took the time to add me to his site. I scrolled through some of the entries on his site, and they’re epically hilarious. He claims to know how many blacklists a person is on, and, according to his analysis, everyone is labeled for ‘chronic in-game harassment of players”, “constant inbound¬†complaints”, and, of course, “hacking and cheating”.

He added more entries after our battle just a few minutes ago.

This guy is off his rocker.

A sub-50% player with a lot of free time on his hands, obviously.

I also checked out their official clan profile with WG, and they have a mission statement:

We strive to eliminate Zero map awareness brainless campers. The goose-egg connoisseurs. Have you snapped your keyboard in half or shouted at the Muppet that just got half the team killed. Have you been chat banned 50 times in a row? Then Behold! This Clan might be for you. We are a small but effective unit. If you are over 18 and just tired of the normal, then give us a shout.

I’m not sure adding people to their web page will “eliminate” anyone from anything.

This guy flat-out makes up shit to put on his website.

First, with only 3 members in the clan, where, exactly, are all of the complaints coming from?

He has determined that I am on over 6000 blacklists. I mean, it’s possible, I’ve been playing the game for 12 years with well over 70,000 rounds of tanks under my belt by now.

His site claims that another player has been “Reported in game on average of 38 times a day.

Another player has received “More than 130 complaints in the last 58 days” – complaints to whom? Wargaming? or the admin of their stupid website?

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