World of Tanks Match Maker is garbage

I spend a lot of time on the WoT Reddit sub and frequently tell people that 3-5-7 isn’t a big deal.  I kind of like it… most of the time.

The one thing I do not like is being bottom tier (in the 7 group) in 75-80%  of the games.  This gets old, fast and I can get in a rut where I’m bottom tier over and over again.  Some nights, I feel like I’me getting ‘great’ MM with mid-tier battles and top-tier battles sprinkled in at reasonable intervals (Plus I play tier 9 and 10 liberally) and the grind isn’t that bad. But when you are working on a particular tier 8 medium tank that isn’t fully researched and as a barely trained (100% but without 6th sense or extra perks) and you get 5 bottom tier games in a row, it does feel a little disheartening.

Recently, a ‘new’ player lamented that he was only ever bottom tier (though he didn’t specify which tier he was talking about) and I immediately said that he was full of shit.

I’ve also seen remarks that tier 7 is a ‘sweet spot’ in the current MM.

I decided that instead of just telling people they are full of shit, I’d try to play some lower tier matches and see what it’s really like.

I loaded up my trusty KV-1 (one of my all time favorites) and my T29 (a tank I hated for the first 3 years I owned it) and run 25 games in tier 15 and 15 in tier 7.  I know that is a very small sample size but I felt like it *should* give some idea of how a lower tier player, griding through a tank at tier 5 or 7 would likely feel after playing 25 games.

Granted, both of these tanks have highly trained crews with 5 perks/skills, fully equipped with vents, rammers, etc. And both loaded with plenty of premium ammo to pen tier 7 and 9 respectively.

Here are my results:

KV-1 – games played 25

Rounds top tier (3/5/7): 0 (tier 3 no longer fights tier 5) 0%

Rounds top tier (5/10): 0 – 0%

rounds same tier (15): 1 – 4%

rounds mid tier (3/5/7) with tier 7:  4 – 16%

rounds bottom tier (5/10) with tier 6:  5 – 20%

rounds bottom tier (3/5/7) with tier 7:  15 – 60%

T29 – tier 7 heavy – games played: 15

Top tier (3/5/7): 3 – 20%

Top tier (5/10): 1 – 7%

All same tier (15): 0 – 0%

mid-tier (3/5/7) – 2 – 13%

Bottom tier (5/10): 2 – 13%

Bottom tier (3/5/7):  7 – 47%

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