WoT Advent Calendar 2020 (2019?)

This year’s Advent Calendar offerings and other special offers during the month of December.

2 Dec 2019 – Wargaming offered the new British tier 8 premium TD the Turtle I. It was offered for 9700 gold or $xx dollars in real-world money. (I missed the offering!!)

3 Dec 2019 – Chinese Heavy tank WZ-111 offered for 12,250 gold (11,957 discount). Real money prices $52 – $132 US Dollars in 4 bundles.

3 Dec 19: Also available today (not on the calendar itself), and for the next 12 days, in the Premium shop is the seal clubber’s favorite Tier III premium TD – the FCM 36 PAK 40. This is being offered in 3 deals ranging from about $33 USD to $77 USD (in a war chest package).

4 Dec 19: The tier 8 light tank: Senlac. I don’t really have an opinion on the Senlac myself and have no interest in buying it.

Priced at 6,500 gold or in 4 different bundles from $31 to $115 USD.

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