WoT Holiday loot box content revealed

Wargaming released what they’ll have in the loot boxes this year.

Watch the video but for a quick summary, here is what you can expect:

Larges boxes in four collections – meaning you’ll have to fill four books again.

Guaranteed rewards: Gold, 2 decorations (1 level 5, one random), some additional surprises which will be additional gold. premium days, credits, 3D styles, or a premium vehicle.

The last couple years, gold is usually 250 to 750. Premium days 1, 3, 7. Credits: vary a bit, 100,000, 250,000, 500,000.

Premium Vehicles:

Tier 8:

  • Bisonte C45 auto-reloading heavy tank
  • British GSOR 1008 TD autoloader
  • French Medium Bourrasque – a 2 shot autoloader
  • ISU-152K soviet TD with BL10 gun

Lower tier:

  • M22 Locust Tier 3 American premium light
  • Pz.Kpfw. T 15 a German tier 3 premium light tank
  • Matilda Black prince a British tier 5 medium
  • T78 is a tier 6 American TD similar to the Hellcat / Jackson
  • M4A1 FL 10 – French Sherman with an autoloader (new content!)

* Gold compensation for tanks already in your garage.

3D styles for the 60 TP, the Maus, Conqueror CG, STB1, WZ 1115A

Even more on offer: 3D styles from the previous year.

Quickybaby also released a video covering the released information.

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