yet another marathon

Wargaming has yet another marathon to “win” a free Tier 8 premium French AltProto AMX 30 medium tank.

I fucking hate these marathons.

This new tank has an apparent retail price of $91.07 USD if you want to skip the marathon and get to driving this new tank.

They bundle so much unnecessary shit in the price like 6 days of premium, 1.2mil credits, and personal reserves… I guess you can’t just buy the tank, right?

After completing 1st challenge the cost decreases to $81.95

After completing challenge stage 2: 72.85

Next up: 63.74 – still way too pricey for me..

40% brings it down to 54.63 – getting a little more reasonable.

at 50%, I can pick up this hot trash for $45.52

Finally, 60% off. I can choke down $36.42 if I really have to. And I persevere.

Today is Sunday and although I’ve played daily, I’m only ever going to hit the 70% discount.

And so, it’s $27.31.

Could be worse, right?

A tier 8 premium, 4 days of premium, 900k credits, and training books, and credit bonuses, and hardware and a 100% BIA crew… I’ve spent more for less.

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