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WoT Holiday loot box content revealed

Wargaming released what they’ll have in the loot boxes this year.

Watch the video but for a quick summary, here is what you can expect:

Larges boxes in four collections – meaning you’ll have to fill four books again.

Guaranteed rewards: Gold, 2 decorations (1 level 5, one random), some additional surprises which will be additional gold. premium days, credits, 3D styles, or a premium vehicle.

The last couple years, gold is usually 250 to 750. Premium days 1, 3, 7. Credits: vary a bit, 100,000, 250,000, 500,000.

Premium Vehicles:

Tier 8:

  • Bisonte C45 auto-reloading heavy tank
  • British GSOR 1008 TD autoloader
  • French Medium Bourrasque – a 2 shot autoloader
  • ISU-152K soviet TD with BL10 gun

Lower tier:

  • M22 Locust Tier 3 American premium light
  • Pz.Kpfw...
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2021 Advent Calendar

Last year I made daily posts about the offerings in the Advent Calendar.

this year, not so much.

Firstly, no one reads this drek and, secondly, it’s too time consuming.

So, I’ll sticky this post and add each day’s offering to the list with my useless comments attached.

Dec 02: The American premium tier 8 TD the TS-5

I have the TS-5 and it’s a lovely TD to play. A good reload, great armor and a complete bull in the battle. I don’t like to play back map, redline sniper. Instead, I like to push right up with an in-your-face style.

This doesn’t help my winrate but I sure do enjoy it.

Dec 03: German Medium M48 RPz

This dozer is a snoozer (doesn’t rhyme but good enough). Don’t waste 7000 gold or $32 US (also avail for $99 in a bundle)...

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American premium TD T-78 Ace Tanker!

This was from yesterday. A pretty decent battle in the T-78 with 2k damage and 1.7k spotting damage. Took out 4 enemy tanks, spotted 8, and damaged 10.

Not exactly a monster game, but I had a hell of a good time in the process.

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Super Hellcat Ace Tanker!

I forget about this site now and then but I got an Ace Tanker in my Super Hellcat yesterday and thought, wtf, why not just put the photo up.

It wasn’t much of a battle, but I guess I did alright.

I only did 2200 damage with some 600 spotting…but, somehow, that came out to an Ace.

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Been looking forward to this day for a while now… Ace tanker in the Bourrasque!

This was a hard fought loss on a team that essentially camped and would not engage the enemy. We were down several tanks but managed to even things out before losing more tanks again.

I managed 5619 damage with 1493 spotting and seven kills to take a Top Gun, High Caliber, Tank Sniper, and the Ace Tanker award.

I wish it could have been a victory; alas, it was not meant to be. At the end, my team simply crumbled and fell apart despite my attempt to rally.

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Unexpected Ace Tanker in tier 7 American heavy the King Tiger

Ace Tanker + First MOE

Of course, this was a battle where the King Tiger was top tier against tier 5 and tier 6 tanks.

I simply drove forward and kept firing.

Pushed the team to victory (or lead them?).

Didn’t fire hardly any ‘gold’ rounds.

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Asshole of the day: 2ACR from clan OSO

Here is a 54% player who sat literally at the back of the map the entire round. Never moved until we were almost assured a loss and then only grudgingly joined the match and helped us cap.

He fired 1 connecting shot towards the very end.

If you see this bozo in battle, do not rely on him for anything.

It’s bad enough when bad players play poorly, but when a good player chooses, for whatever reason, to AFK the round (while still responding to chat messages), it’s almost like an intentional display of poor sportsmanship.

Phooey on you, 2ACR.

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Today’s Asshole: Patator_972

This guy, Patator_972 of the CLAIM clan, is not your typical asshole.
Maybe he’s banned from chat or maybe he just likes to annoy people who have chat turned off? I don’t know, I didn’t ask him. However, in today’s game, he started off almost immediately with ‘drawing’ on the mini-map repeatedly to form words to insult people.

I’m using OBS to capture his graffiti-spam. Unfortunately, I added him to my blacklist almost right away due to the distraction he was causing.

After calling us a shit team, we went on to bring home a victory despite some really bad deployment by my ‘teammates’.

I tried to take a screenshot while watching the replay and this is what it grabbed – which is kind of funny because this essentially illustrates just how annoying this kind of thing can be.

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Asshole of the day: May 16, 2020: KaPowneD369

I know arty is in the game to stay but it’s arguably the most toxic game mechanics in World of Tanks (followed closely by the wheeled vehicles).

It’s especially shitty when you’re playing an awkwardly slow heavy tank or a TD. Some of these heavy tanks don’t have the speed to outmaneuver dedicated arty players, particularly when you are the focus of 2 or 3 arty. Wargaming, in their infinite wisdom, seems to feel that 3 arty in a match is a perfect balance. In my mind, this is lunacy.

Any battle in a slow heavy or a TD is absolutely ruined by three artillery pieces. The endless stunning and crew killing completely saps the fun out of the game.

My last game of the night, I got into a tough position and was being arty focused...

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Asshole of the day: u/Timhornton

I don’t really know this guy. I may or may not be on his blacklist in World of Tanks. But there was a thread on the Wot Subreddit earlier today talking about blacklists.

I have a blacklist in the game. It has 113 people on it. I’ve had more in the past but about once a year I go in and delete everyone on the list.

I can’t remember why someone got added but sometimes it’s just because they click the map a lot or maybe they were a dick in battle.

Mostly, I add people who use racist language or who browbeat me after a game telling me how horrible a player I am… how I should go back to tier 3… etc, etc, etc.

I figure that everyone deserves a second chance, right? So I clear my list.

So this random guy on Reddit was trying to impress everyone with the number of people he h...

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