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Another Ace Tanker: UDES 03

A straight tier 8 match up with no artillery to ruin it. Did more damage in the tier 8 tank than I did the day before in the tier 10 Jagdpanzer E 100. 5324 damage dealt with 1245 spotting but only 3 kills – this was still an epic-fun battle and I didn’t spam premium rounds like a noob.

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Unexpected Ace Tanker: Jagdpanzer E 100

Played the Jagdpanzer E 100 for no particular reason the other night and had a great game. It was good MM for me (3/5/7) so I was top tier and played against some folks that made mistakes. Only 4,929 damage so I’m not sure why it qualified as an Ace Tanker, but I’ll take it.

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Asshole of the day for 3 Mar 2020: spanky99

I made it all the way through February without feeling like I needed to name and shame another asshole player. But tonight, I got a two-fer. As in a “two for one” deal.

Yes, tonight, just trying to enjoy a few rounds, when I ran across a couple of darling little racist twats.

Racist # 1 was spanky99 from the RENB2 clan.

Racist # 2 was HuntiinU from PHASE clan. This guy ran his mouth in the game and was acting like a typical racist asshole.

Both of them decided to shit all over a guy speaking Spanish.

I called them out in-game and spanky99 decided to give me a Trump-Esque explanation for why he feels like he can shit on people from other cultures who, like me, are just trying to find a little joy in an otherwise shit-filled world.

Here’s what spanky99 needed to tell me...

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Asshole of the day – 29 Jan 2020 – ptsd_cripples_suk

I’ve been off for a while playing Red Dead Redemption 2… and tonight I jumped in and instantly got called away from the game. I came back, was dead, and had sadly scored zero damage.

No worries, the friendly neighborhood troll decided to give me some gameplay feedback.

Searchable excerpts below:

ptsd_cripples_suk (1/30/2020 7:55:47 PM) ahhh now i see…a former military ptsd cripple coward
ptsd_cripples_suk (1/30/2020 7:55:48 PM) got it
ptsd_cripples_suk (1/30/2020 7:56:08 PM) so scared and terrified you are blinded by your ptsd and you cant see the map or think or reason
ptsd_cripples_suk (1/30/2020 7:56:36 PM) first tiem i ever seen anyone do ZERO damage in a T30 …but then again you would do zero damage in an IS -7 in a tier 3 game
ptsd_cripples_suk (1/30/2020 7:56:5...

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Advent Calendar favorites

I posted a thread on the Reddit WoT sub and asked what tanks people bought off the calendar. I didn’t get a lot of responses but some folks shared what they bought.

The most popular tank on the calendar appears to be the TS-5 American tank destroyer. I have this already and can attest that it is a great TD so I’m not surprised that so many people bought it.

The next most popular tanks were the Caernarvon AX, the Lansen C, the Lorraine 40t, and the LT 432.

All of those are pretty solid performers in the game and I have them all as well. The LT 432 was new for me, bought with loot box gold.

A few people also picked up the HWK 30 light tank and the Skoda T27 (autoloader).

And the following tanks only had single responses: STA 2, Even 90, AMX M4, AMX 13 57F, Centurion 5/1, T...

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Advent Calendar – last days – German heavy VK 75.01 (K)

I’ve heard absolutely nothing good about this tank and I have no interest in owning it in-game.

And just like last year, you can only get this tank for cash, no gold option. I feel like this is a screw job from wargaming.

You have four purchase options: Skip it, $65 USD for the cheapest option, $117 for the middle, and $124 for the top package.

You can check out skill4ltu’s video from this morning and see why he thinks you should not buy this one.

Strangely, Quickybaby hasn’t addressed the advent calendar at all but I’d be curious to know what he thinks about this one.

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Advent calendar day 24: German scout the HWK 30

Don’t know anything about this tank, not really interested either.

But you can pick it up for 6500 gold or for cash starting at $31 USD and up to $117 USD.

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Advent calendar day 23: American Tier 8 tank destroyer – TS-5

I would jump on this if I didn’t already have it. It’s one of the better tier 8 premium tanks. Rarely have to fire gold and few tier 6/7 tanks can penetrate frontally.

I highly recommend this tank at only 9800 gold.

If you don’t have gold, it starts at $44 USD to $127 USD. (I don’t advise these expensive bundles).

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Asshole of the day – 21 Dec 19 – Hunter_IS2AWSOME

Playing my STRV S1 while grinding for credits, set myself up to snipe when all of a sudden this asshole Hunter_IS2AWSOME drives up behind me and pushes me over a ridge. I got stuck and killed because… ‘no reason’.

Fuck this guy.

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Advent calendar day 22: Swedish medium Lansen C

The Lansen C is a new tank to the game. I believe it was released earlier this year around March.

You can pick it up for 7500 gold or for cash starting at $35 USD all the way up to $122 USD for the big holiday bundle package.

I have the Lansen and it isn’t a bad tank but it also doesn’t have anything to do with the tech tree tanks that were also released this year.

All the tech tree tanks have the pneumatic suspension and look more like the STRV TD line tanks while the Lansen C is more of a traditional medium tank.

Would I recommend this tank? I’m not sure. Maybe if you have a lot of gold laying around but I’m not sure I would put a lot of cash into it.

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