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Ace Tanker: SU-130PM

OMG – what a fun battle. I played poorly but still did well and helped secure victory when it seemed as if we might not win. With the clock running down, we finally did it.

Malinovka – Standard Battle with tier 8 and 9 tanks. I pulled off an Ace Tanker with High Caliber using *only* three HEAT rounds. I was able to put some damage into 9 of the 15 enemy tanks.

I am running my Object 268/4 Crew in this tank today. Funny thing, I *almost* moved a different crew in for advanced crew training.

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Ace Tanker: ISU-152K

Standard Battle on El Halluf in the ISU-152K –

I got eliminated a bit early when the enemy came and “swarmed” our spawn, but I did not go down without fighting.

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Asshole of the month for Oct 2023: Cry_In_Vetbadge_

I can see by the name exactly why this asshole decided to team-kill me today. I know, you’re saying “team kill”? You can’t team kill anymore in World of tanks.

yeah, but asshole Cry_In_Vetbadge_ got behind me and pushed me out into enemy fire 100% intentionally.

Clip will be uploaded here.

It took me all of 30 seconds to figure out why he did it to me. I had my “vet badge” on my account so it shows up in the game.

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First Asshole of the Month nominee for October 2023: __Ratchet2__

This guy uses anonymizer to hide his real in-game name. It’s probably so he can hide his less-than-stellar stats from XVM users.

__Ratchet2__ is one of those guys who gets his childish feelings hurt when the team doesn’t play how he thinks they should.

This poor chap decided to commit suicide immediately at the start of the round and exclaimed: “I don’t waste time on lemming teams”

He remained in chat throughout the battle, hoping and praying that we would lose, and yet, we pulled off a victory despite his belief that we were playing poorly.

The guy has 112,699 battles, which is pretty impressive (first battle August 4, 2011). However, in all that time, he hasn’t managed to crack a 50% winrate. I hate to stats shame but it’s obvious this guy cares very little for winning...

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Ace Tanker: American Tier 9 TD – T30

Karelia standard battle with tier 9/tier 10. Only got an Ace because my 50% of my team camped spawn behind me, including a 35% player in a Mauschen. Guy sat in the same spot he spawned until nearly the very end. His reasoning is: I’m a very slow heavy.

I managed to get 4,391 spotting/assist damage along with 3,997 damage on my own, which isn’t great but not too shabby.

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Ace Tanker: K-91-PT

Cliff – Standard battle – tier 8/9 battle 10/6/23

So much fun! North spawn, I told the west route and camped at D1 and SO many of their tanks came that way… they just kept pushing, and I kept firing. Had a friendly Ferdi beside me (he shot me in the ass twice).

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Ace Tanker: T-44-100

10/5/23 – Standard Battle on Erlenberg with tier 8 and tier 9.

Don’t have a story to write about this, I was as surprised as anyone to pick up an ace.

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Asshole of the month #4: Rockstar8

E100 joins a battle and doesn’t move. Feeds the enemy his HP. He was the only player on the team to do literally nothing: No shots fired. No spotting damage. He only moved at the very last minute; I assumed he was driving into enemy fire.

This perennial loser has earned a 38% win rate in the E100 but 44% overall.

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Asshole of the Month #3: The_NOODLER

Imagine… being a toxic, racist troll and exposing this to thousands of people online every day.

Meet: The_NOODLER on the NA Server.

He seems to be a VERY prolific player. Now, math is not one of my strengths but it looks like 216 rounds of tanks in 24 hours. That seems excessive.

Here is an excerpt from my recent run-in with The_Noodler.


(ME) can you just play tanks and not be a troll?

The_Noodler (MT-25): i do not troll

The_Noodler (MT-25): nigga

The_Noodler (MT-25): fuck u pedos lmao

The_Noodler (MT-25): we need to nuke Canada

The_Noodler (MT-25): I ain’t surprised, u blahks (sic) worship the pedo r kelly

The_Noodler (MT-25): look! KV is TROLL...

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Asshole of the month: Sep 2023 – 2nd nomination goes to pastmadmonkey

Another troll player intentionally throwing matches.

This asshole announces at battles start: limit prem (gold) ammo (capacity) and ban gold spammers OR I camp/drown all battles.

And based on his recent stats: he’s serious.

37% recent winrate.

He camped the entire battle on Sand River only to become the last survivor on the team and he refused to hunt/kill the last enemy tank alive.

Just tooled around on the map running the clock down. A complete asshole and epic troll.

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