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Advent calendar day 24: German scout the HWK 30

Don’t know anything about this tank, not really interested either.

But you can pick it up for 6500 gold or for cash starting at $31 USD and up to $117 USD.

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Advent calendar day 23: American Tier 8 tank destroyer – TS-5

I would jump on this if I didn’t already have it. It’s one of the better tier 8 premium tanks. Rarely have to fire gold and few tier 6/7 tanks can penetrate frontally.

I highly recommend this tank at only 9800 gold.

If you don’t have gold, it starts at $44 USD to $127 USD. (I don’t advise these expensive bundles).

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Asshole of the day – 21 Dec 19 – Hunter_IS2AWSOME

Playing my STRV S1 while grinding for credits, set myself up to snipe when all of a sudden this asshole Hunter_IS2AWSOME drives up behind me and pushes me over a ridge. I got stuck and killed because… ‘no reason’.

Fuck this guy.

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Advent calendar day 22: Swedish medium Lansen C

The Lansen C is a new tank to the game. I believe it was released earlier this year around March.

You can pick it up for 7500 gold or for cash starting at $35 USD all the way up to $122 USD for the big holiday bundle package.

I have the Lansen and it isn’t a bad tank but it also doesn’t have anything to do with the tech tree tanks that were also released this year.

All the tech tree tanks have the pneumatic suspension and look more like the STRV TD line tanks while the Lansen C is more of a traditional medium tank.

Would I recommend this tank? I’m not sure. Maybe if you have a lot of gold laying around but I’m not sure I would put a lot of cash into it.

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Advent calendar day 21: 360 days of premium

Really? Where’s the tank?

Here’s how they suck back the loot box gold – offer a year of premium for 20,400 gold.

You (or at least I) can get the deal for $81.99 USD.

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Advent calendar day 20: Brit heavy tank the CAERNARVON AX

I believe the CAERNARVON AX, a tier 8 heavy, was available as the final tank available on the advent calendar.

I have the tank, it was also a mission reward tank earlier in 2018.

You can pick it up for a whopping 10,500 gold or from $47 USD to $127 USD.

Not sure I would buy this one again. I don’t play the British heavy tank line and I didn’t really enjoy the tank myself.

Still, I think it’s a reasonably good tank and may be of interest to folks playing the Brit tech tree.

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Advent calendar day 19: Chinese light tank Type 62

Strictly speaking, I don’t play the Chinese tanks (yet) in World of Tanks. I did buy the Type 64 a while back and play that now and then but I haven’t made a lot of effort to work my way through the tech trees. However, having said that, I *did* go through the TD tree and I have played all the tanks through tier 9.

Anyway, no one cares about that.

Today, I picked up the Type 62 with loot box gold. It set me back about 4800 gold.

The cash price, if I had been keen on spending real money, begins at $24 USD and goes up from there to $113 USD.

I haven’t played the tank yet… I’ll probably wait for the hype to die down a bit.

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Advent calendar day 18: French medium tank Lorraine 40 t

I’ll give this tank two turrets up. The Lorraine 40 t is one of my favorite tier 8 premium tanks. It’s definitely not an easy tank to master but once you get the hang of it, you can punish enemy tanks with good pen and good alpha damage. It has a better clip damage potential than it’s tier 8 medium brothers like the Progetto and the Skoda T 27.

The 40 t is currently available on the advent calendar for a whopping 10,700 gold or in one of four packages starting at $48 USD. The top package is offered for $126 USD.

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Another holiday special: Russian Tier 5 TD – SU-85I

Not available for gold (it’s not a calendar item) but for sale in the store for $14 USD, $45 USD, and 67 USD, depending on the package.

Introduced in 2014, this was originally only available through the gift shop (is that still a thing?) and not on the tech tree.

It was in the game at launch and was supposed to be released in box sets so until version 9.0 it was never seen in the game.

It’s a captured German tank based on the Panzer III hull with an 85mm gun on a fixed turret.

At one point, it was once one of the rarest tanks in the game.

A 2014 review of this tank suggests it wasn’t worth the 10 Euro price (in 2014 money). Here’s a link to the review. Apparently, this tank is often the victim of ram kills and single shots from virtually every tier 6/7 tank.

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Advent Calendar day 17: French light AMX 13 57

I got duped into buying this last year. It’s a fun tank but it does nothing but EAT credits because you seem to always want to load the gold in this beast.

You don’t see a lot of these in the wild but they pop up now and then. If you want this tank, be prepared to shell out (no pun intended) an actually quite reasonable price of 5000 gold. Bear in mind, this is a tier 7 tank, whereas the previous tanks on the calendar have been tier 8.

Of course, you can always choose the cash price of $25 USD for the base package or $113 for the full-blown Holiday extravaganza. This still includes the 10K gold and 10Mil credits from previous days.

Not sure I’d want to dump $100+ bucks on this deal although I would like the ‘Dark Night’ style that comes with it.

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