Advent Calendar favorites

I posted a thread on the Reddit WoT sub and asked what tanks people bought off the calendar. I didn’t get a lot of responses but some folks shared what they bought.

The most popular tank on the calendar appears to be the TS-5 American tank destroyer. I have this already and can attest that it is a great TD so I’m not surprised that so many people bought it.

The next most popular tanks were the Caernarvon AX, the Lansen C, the Lorraine 40t, and the LT 432.

All of those are pretty solid performers in the game and I have them all as well. The LT 432 was new for me, bought with loot box gold.

A few people also picked up the HWK 30 light tank and the Skoda T27 (autoloader).

And the following tanks only had single responses: STA 2, Even 90, AMX M4, AMX 13 57F, Centurion 5/1, T26E5, Senlac, Chrysler K, and the WZ-120G-FT (was that even on the calendar?).

The one that surprised me the most, I guess, is the final tank to mention is the one that came on Chrismas day and is still available through the 1st – the German heavy tank VK 75.01 K.

Available only for cash (thanks wargaming), I watched several youtube videos revies from popular streamers and each of them had similar opinions on the VK – hard pass.

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